3 Content Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

We all make mistakes. However, when it comes to content marketing, there are many to be made, and many ways to fix them.

Let’s take a look at three common content marketing mistakes businesses and people make (in no particular order):

Stop Selling:

When both businesses and consumers read your content, dont sell to them. They’re reading your content for multiple reasons — to gain information, to understand [your] position within a specific industry, and, most important, how [they] can benefit from your services. How can you be and remain a resource to those reading your content, and then hope that they come back for more?

It’s Not About You — It’s About Them:

The content you are writing should not only be about you and your company. It’s time to start thinking outside of the box and develop some new, quirky ideas of how to keep your readers entertained. Sure, it’s nice to write a post about your company’s latest integration or an event you’re going to be attending (as the company), but mix it up. Write a post that’s relevant to the industry, but from a different angle or perspective. Write about certain life experiences (problems, then solutions) that may relate to the industry, or how a certain band is perfecting their content marketing.

Utilize All Potential Outlets:

Content marketing is not only about writing. There are other channels to engage your audience with, including Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, video (webinars), etc. Take a look at your current content marketing strategy, and see what’s lacking (in regards to how you’re producing and distributing content). I guarantee you’ll find some holes…

How are you solving the above problems?

Originally published on the Mintent blog.

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