How I Letterboxd: Joe Lynch

Self-described cinedork and Mayhem filmmaker Joe Lynch tells Horrorville’s Brett Petersel about cinematic sausage, getting to direct Creepshow episodes and being a three-star starter on Letterboxd.

“Even when I watch what I would think is a real stinker, I also consider that there were many people involved in that film who didn’t walk on set going ‘okay people, let’s screw this up today!’” -Joe Lynch

It is always a pleasure to find film directors lurking on Letterboxd. Joe Lynch is a bona fide, OG member, having racked up more than 1,500 diary entries, giving half-star reviews to his own work, and creating lists of the movies that have influenced the making of his films.

There are the films that were in Lynch’s subconscious when he made…

(Originally published on Letterboxd on March 9, 2021)

Last year, we launched Horrorville, Letterboxd’s official account for fans of horror films and its related genres. Almost immediately, the account took on a life of its own, sharing lists and news from some of our favorite publishers and streaming services while helping fans discover new films to watch, love, and share.

Horrorville logo (via Letterboxd)

Over the past year, we saw a number of directors, filmmakers, publishers, and streaming platforms change the way they distribute and promote their content. Social media has already helped us connect with all of them, but the use of various…

Maniac Cop (via Giphy)

There are no words to describe 2020. While the world struggled with the Coronavirus threat, many of us found ourselves stuck on the couch and consuming whatever content (and food) we can get our hands on. For some, it was binge-watching TV series such as LOST and The Office. Others learned a new skill (guitar, sewing, photography, cooking) to pass the time. It has become a great time for exploration and to feel comfortable with going outside your regular routine(s). Of course, there’s nothing wrong with participating in activities that you already enjoy.

It’s also interesting to see how people…

You can view the 2018 edition at
You can view the 2020 edition at

Last year, I shared my first-ever list of 31 horror films that I thought everyone should watch during October, leading up to Halloween night. There was also a Twitter thread dedicated to each day’s selection. The post was a success, so here we are with a sequel that will (hopefully) please once again.

Before I continue, it’s important for you, the reader, to know why I put this list together. Horror films have been an important part of my life. How important? Let’s just…

Update 10/1/2019: You can view the 2019 edition at

Now that summer‘s over, it’s time to get down to business.

Image from Southbound via Radio Silence

Every year, I get excited for October because that’s when almost every network broadcasts a number of horror films. However, because their selections have become repetitive and films are edited to satisfy their advertisers to be shown in a specific amount of time, I’ve decided to use streaming services such as Shudder and Tubi to watch horror (and horror-related) films in their full glory.

Since cutting the cord a few years ago, I’ve spent most of my time watching…

Micromanagement. It’s a curse word in the business world. We don’t like to hear it mentioned and definitely don’t like to experience it. Unfortunately, it happens, even if you try to tell yourself it doesn’t.

To manage or control with excessive attention to minor details. (

What exactly is a micro manager? I have my own way to describe them, which is as follows: They’re self-centered, insecure, territorial people who require attention and respect from others, with no restrictions to obtain it.

“No matter what I do, this man’s hate [for Jews] will always exist.”

The social media world is a funny place. You engage with many people through multiple platforms about various topics that you may share in common. These people are mostly strangers. You have a short conversation, and then they disappear, never to be heard from again.

Some years ago (around 2009), a man named Mark would constantly tweet me about music (we liked many of the same bands) and engage in small talk. It was harmless chatter about what we’re listening to, what we recommend, etc. …

We all make mistakes. However, when it comes to content marketing, there are many to be made, and many ways to fix them.

Let’s take a look at three common content marketing mistakes businesses and people make (in no particular order):

Stop Selling:

When both businesses and consumers read your content, don’t sell to them. They’re reading your content for multiple reasons — to gain information, to understand [your] position within a specific industry, and, most important, how [they] can benefit from your services. …

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